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Welcome to my little blog.

May 2012: Well hello little blog…..I found you the other day online and I had forgotten about you. I think it is time we revisited each other. I still like your premise but I have to tell you that things have changed a bit. I am now living in FAR West Texas in the beautiful Davis Mountains. I have a very nice piece of rock that is about 12 acres, with a small home that we are building. We have already done a lot to it, but there is a lot more work to be done. The main goal is still being self sustained in a stylish manner. We are starting from the ground up once again so this will take some time. We have the main part of the house finished but still have to work on things like a water collection system, installing the solar panels, building the outdoor kitchen and bathroom and most importantly the garden and chicken coop. I am very excited but already growing impatient, but with a little hard work we should get there in no time. And away we go….

Original post 2010: I am changing my life. I am hoping to live a more private simplistic life and become more in tune with what’s around me. I am finding that there are not a lot of resources online covering various simplistic forms of living. The few I have found have been very impersonal. I am leaving society slightly for a while to start working toward the goal of being self sustained. The major thing for me is…. And I know I am going to sound conceited here for a minute, but I have wicked style wicked wicked good style. I want to live simplistically and off the grid eventually, but with some flare and some modern conveniences. I am not trying to go dirty hippie on anyone…. Sorry if I offended anyone with that statement (you know what I mean though), but more achieve a bohemian peaceful and content existence that has a Henry David Thoreau mixed with Emily Dickenson mixed with Lou Reed and a lot of Audrey Hepburn style to it. Project one, two and three: Tipi made to look like modern hip city loft (

Sharp like some place Humphrey Bogart and Betty Paige decorated together)

…… outdoor bathroom that any women would be envious of BUT.... cost near to nothing because I am refusing to do real work any more pretty much ever in the "Real World" so I am going to have to use what's around. Luckily I have been hanging out with horders and landscapers for the last 9 years:)….. And finally a cute little outdoor kitchen that has a Mexican cantina mixed with a Leave it to Beaver over presence…..

Now follow me…… hopefully I learn something useful to help anyone else that has similar goals.